At Brazilian Beauty Tanning we're all about the perfect tan. With lots of love and skin care.

From Natural Tanning, to Tanning Bed and Spray Tanning, we've taken tanning to the next level.


With Natural Tanning,Tanning Bed, and Spray Tanning

Unique tanning technique:

Hand sculpted Bikini

For the perfect tan lines, our professionals will hand sculpt a bikini on your body. You tan without the technique as well, with your own bikini or without anything. We'll give you private parts protector, and ask how you'd like your tan lines. You can choose this tanning technique for any kind of tanning: Tanning Bed, Spray Tanning, or Natural Tanning.

One lotion for every skin type

We evaluate your skin

We know that each skin is different and for that we have designed a complete new experience to tanning. Tanning is not one size fits all. That's why we're always with you throughout the whole tanning process.

Tanning activation

Then we apply our Tanning Oils

That's right! Our tanning is designed for you. We pick the right product so you can have the best tanning you'll ever get. Because nobody wants to get red (or orange) instead of golden.

More than tanning, a Spa

The best tanning near you

The results are amazing, but not only that, we offer an experience when it comes to tanning. Enjoy good times, great tanning near you.Come experience a whole new take on tanning. The Brazilian Tanning.

Come join us

And you'll never go back into the old days of tanning.​

1st Session

The Tan Lines

On the very first session, we’ll activate your melanin. It’s like telling your skin it’s party time!

2nd Session

The Tan Definition

After your skin has been activated the second session is where you’ll see the biggest result. This will enhance the tan and tan lines.

3rd Session

The Tan Fixation

Now it’s showtime! The third session is where we’ll activate your maximum melanin level and guarantee you’ll have a lasting tan! Results last up to 6 months after the third session!

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